Counselling Services for Adults

Individual Counselling


Individual sessions can be scheduled to address a wide array of issues that are getting in the way of your quality of life. Stress; anxiety and depression; other mental health concerns; work-related issues; family stress; grief and loss; separation and divorce; self-esteem; addiction issues; unresolved emotional issues; and trauma issues are just some of the areas that can be improved upon through individual counselling. Individual sessions can also enhance a person's desire for personal growth or to help make life-enhancing decisions. 

Couples/Marriage Counselling


The fact is relationships are tough. Most couples will hit rough patches in their relationships and sometimes they need help to repair broken trust, heal wounds, and build a stronger, more supportive relationship. At Thrive, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is offered. This type of therapy is a structured therapy that has been proven to be highly effective in helping couples find satisfaction in their relationships and strengthen their attachment bond. For more information about this type of therapy please read

Coparenting Sessions


When parents separate or divorce there are often feelings of anger, loss and sadness for the separating parents. It can be an overwhelming time. Parents often worry about how their children will cope and wonder how they will be able to coparent with their former partner. At Thrive, coparenting sessions allow for parents to work through feelings that get in the way of effectively coparenting as well as to learn skills to support their children. Coparenting therapy sessions can help parents learn to work together in the best interest of their children.

Family Therapy


Family therapy is a type of therapy that allows family members to participate in the process of sharing and listening to each other. It can be very useful in improving relationships, shifting behaviours and allowing communication to be more meaningful and productive. I am trained in Emotionally Focused Family Therapy, which is a therapy that strengthens attachment bonds between parent and child, including families with adult children.

Trauma Specific Services


Trauma refers to the lasting impact that scary, distressing or invalidating events have on a person. There can be many confusing and debilitating symptoms that occur after experiencing such events, to include sleep disturbances, overwhelming feelings, numbness, panic, discomfort in unfamiliar places or around large groups of people, jumpiness, irritability, and many others. At Thrive all services are provided through a trauma informed lens, which means services put your experience and your needs first. I also understand how trauma can impact a person. EMDR therapy and Somatic Experiencing therapy are available to specifically address the needs of a person who is experiencing post trauma symptoms. Services can be provided whether a person has a diagnosis of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or not.